The Argonauts

Project Year


Business Size:

20+ Employees


The Argonauts create a space for conscious leaders to connect, share and grow.

They unite, inspire, and empower diverse leaders from across the world to embrace difference and act with integrity and courage, developing themselves and their organizations.


Executive Education, Peer Exchange, Personal Development, Transformational Leadership Development, and Conscious Leadership


- *developed on wordpress in house by the Argonauts team


Launch New Website

Define and Incorporate the new style and new service areas for the website.

Launch Video Conferencing web app

a custom tailored video conferencing experience for the Argonauts “Trust Circle” members.

Launch Streaming /Content Service

Completely new component of their website and business, the idea was to have a knowledge base / streaming service that can host a wide range of media, mostly videos on separate channels but also interactive e-books and podcasts

Launch General Branding Update

(and sub brand development)


Video Conferencing web app Launch

- Initial wireframes

- Prototype

- High fidelity mockups

- Custom icon set

Streaming Service Launch

Content map - workshops and visual management


Interactive prototype

Prototype testing and feedback

General Branding Update

Workshops to define brands based on values

User Discovery and groping

Style exploration through style tiles

Workshop to define imagery / visual language

New Website Launch

Completely new visual direction

New structure / sitemap

Optimized navigation flows

Motion design

Custom icon set


website design example
Website design


When dealing with Complex projects it is crucial to start with a good plan.

“We can do everything,

just not all at once”

For situations like these it works great if we visually manage tasks, by mapping all pieces of the puzzle.

The map consists of all tasks and steps, so we are ready to prioritize, and execute.

Initial map of all the content we needed

- Steps of production (team members involved, completion deadlines, how the pieces fit together)

- Prioritize the highest value items

- Optimize them to run development in parallel

- Define development stages

- Sitemap sketch - a map of all the piece connecting

User Grouping

We grouped users from different points of view

1 - Membership Level

Simple measure of commitment and involvement

2 - Familiarity

How new they are to argonauts, how familiar they are with the products

3 - Interest 

Built around the sub brands and areas of relevant interest.

4 - User Sitemap

Based on  who we are addressing with section of the website and new products, and what our goals are with each section

Style Tiles

As a first step we decided to launch a fast brand update, so we explored how this could look like with style tiles, before choosing the final direction.

The general goal was to streamline the brand, bring a cleaner, more organic  look and feel, convert the pages to a white base, update colors, and prepare for the more significant update to a versatile brand coming in the next months.

Style Guide

  • Colors
  • Color Ratio
  • Typography
  • Custom Icons

Motion Design

A series of motion explorations done in After Effects

Video Platform

Our goal was to create an online video platform that would capture the essence of the Trust Circle Experience and provide important features that aid online converstaion.

Workshop: Imagery Exploration


establish visual language, explore visual concepts and how to express them

We mapped different directions with keywords, black and white only first, to fully focus on ideas and textures

Team voting:

- with voting exercise dots for decision making

(each dot represents a member's vote)

Sub Brand Development

Identity and style for one for the Series Sub Brands

- "Mint" channel

- "The Missing Conversations" Channel

Prototypes and wire-framing

In parallel we developed wireframes, to test content flow and overall navigation of the website with the integrated streaming service

We tested the prototypes internally, and collected feedback.


we chose a different style, a dark background that reminds of a movie room or a theater to show we are in a different area of the website and direct attention 100% on the content while creating a more immersive environment.

Approach Page

Explaining the methodology and showing principles

About & Community

Using ui patterns that guide the eye through the story, and let the content breathe.

Home Page