Project Year




Webflow prototype site:

Project Description:

The Goodbumps app aims to improve people's mood by encouraging and tracking exercise, sleep and meditation.

The app was designed with atomic design principles in mind for easier implementation in react native.

The website was designed in Figma and implemented in Webflow.


In a crowded market of exercise apps, we set out to create a branding identity that would capture users' attention, be instantly recognizable. and create an app that is intuitive and easy to use, while also providing noticeable benefits.

With a tight deadline to deliver the branding identity and start collecting user signups, we were thrilled to see over 200 users sign up.


Business Design:

- Value proposition canvas

- Feature Prioritization

UX Deliverables -

User Persona - User Flow

Brand Deliverables:

- Logo

- Styleguide

- Imagery Guide

- Social Media Templates

UI / App Design -

sketches and wireframes -

interactive prototype

- concept /interaction simplification for quick development

App Implementation:

- react native component design

Web UI

- Wireframe

- High Fidelity Mockup Website

Web Implementation

- Webflow

- Simplified Value Proposition design

- Landing Page with mailchimp integration for lead capture  

The discovery process involved outlining various user personas representing different segments of potential users with unique fitness and exercise goals.

This helped to better understand the target audience and create a product that resonates with them.


Imagery Guide

Symbol Applied

App Screens


Blog and social Media